Sunday, January 9, 2011


Whoa! I never imagined that blogging would be uber-easy through BlogPress! Expect more blogs from me!

Happy 2011!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Teaspoon Christianity

I read this from a tumblr site and I think this is something that everybody has to read about.

“For those of us who have been Christians for a while, it becomes easy to think that we’ve pretty much exhausted the possibilities of the Christian life. We can settle into a routine of activities at church and in our small groups and Bible studies, with little expectation of anything new. The familiar becomes the predictable, and everything from here on out will be more of the same. We dip our teaspoon into the vast ocean of the living God. Holding that teaspoon in our hand, we say, ‘This is God.’ we pour it out into our lives, and we say,’This is the Christian experience.’

God calls us to dive into the ocean. He call us into ever new regions of his fullness, his immensity, his all-sufficiency. There is more for us in Christ than we have yet apprehended. Let’s never think that we have him figured out or that we’ve seen all he can do. The Bible is not a guidebook to a theological museum. It is a road map showing us the way into neglected or even forgotten glories of the living God.”

- Ray Ortlund, When God Comes to Church

I hope that makes sense to you.

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Friday, November 12, 2010


I want to be in Singapore or in another country where I could experience how to be on my own and be independent. I'd like to find ways on how I could bless my family. But somehow all these dreams remain but a dream. I can't help but wonder at times if my motives are purely selfish. I want to grow more, study more, and yeah... Travel more. If only I'm not racing against time... Oh my! I'd be trying out extreme random things ever. But there's also more to life aside from traveling and studying. I have to start building my future and prepare for my family life. I think of such things too... I love this life. There's so many to hope for... So many things to aim for. Yes it is frustrating that I can't have it all and that most likely I won't achieve all those things but knowing that I could aim for all those gives me the excitement which I need in life. Oh I wish to fulfill and experience so many things before my hair turns white and starts thinning out ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Long walks Holding hands Endless laughters Corniest jokes Bonding moments Special dinners Dancing together Movie dates Car rides Working in silence Sharing of sorrows Celebrating victories Crying moments Driving lessons Sent messages Late night phone calls Broken promises Sorry's Sweet I love you's Terms of Endearment Bear hugs Guinee I miss all these things I miss the best friend I had in you I miss you Most of all, I miss me and you... Together... TOGETHER.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


One moment you see it, the next thing you know it, it's nowhere to be found. So, I woke up with this heavy feeling in my heart. Yeah, I decided to stay in bed longer hoping to push my bad vibes away. But then, I decided to stand up and do something bout it. So, I got my pile of laundry and started working. While I did so, I also ended up speaking with Jorlan. I'm glad he was online. We talked and it was good. A few minutes later, he sent me an email and yes, I have to admit that everything seemed better afterwards. Simple and no so noteworthy, I know. But thank you, Lord, for bringing Jorlan to my life. At least that unexpected email made me smile :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I got the news I've been waiting for. I didn't get in. It's painful. I don't understand and I honestly feel not good enough. But I prayed to God about this and this was His answer so for tonight I'll cry my heart out and tomorrow I'll wake up, hold my chin up, and move on. I will try again. For now, I just want to cry it out... All of it out.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Compliment

Being an educator, I am often in touch with children. Tonight, a kid posted on my wall that he got me a bracelet. So, I told him, "thank you. You're the best! <3" Those were my exact words. His reply touched my heart. He said, "Thank you for telling me I'm the best. I love you." Then, he sent me another message, "I'm bringing some Malaysian treats for you tomorrow." I don't know what's so special with the remarks I gave him but tonight, I realized that I should never stop giving compliments to my children. Nothing beats building someone up. I may not have given him anything tangible but those meaningful remarks definitely encouraged a kid tonight. I think that matters more.

Make a Difference

Lord, make a difference in me. May You use me to bless my family. I accept this challenge of learning what patience is all about. I am eager and anxious to depend on my abilities but Lord, I will trust in you alone. You know better than I. I will be still and know You're the Lord over my life.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Be Still

Okay and so my prospect replied and asked me something unexpected. I submitted all what they requested for and now I'm here, waiting... Waiting... And waiting even more. Excitement and anxiety are not good pairs... Add to that facing reality and responsibility... It's stressful. My mind is full of "if only I could's" for I have no great powers to make all things possible. I dream and desire the best things in life but I too can only do so much. Yes, if I could have it my way, I'd be gone by now doing everything to fulfill my responsibilities and make everyone around me worry-free. Unfortunately, I am not in control. Yes, it's another day to learn how to be still and know who my God is. Not my will, but my Lord's will be done in my life. For now, I'll excel in the work that I have and keep believing that God knows what's best for me. He will provide for my everything and will never forsake me.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

By the couch and pondering

The TV is on but my thoughts are somewhere else. I have been thinking. I've been dreaming for nothing but the best so I could experience the best in life as well. However, at the end of the day, I still end feeling not happy knowing that there's more to reach for and dream of and explore out there. Then, it dawned upon me that what I desire for myself is not what God wants for me. What I think is good for me is not good for God. It's tough learning the lesson of contentment. Being human, I can't help but desire the best things... The better thing in life. Then again, after desiring everything, I continue to submit to what God wants for me. God knows better than I and in times of trials, I should remain firm in believing that my Lord knows which is for me and which is not. Doubt and envy must have no room in my heart for my Lord will bless me in ways beyond my comprehension. I gotta open my eyes and allow myself to see how God is moving in my life. That way if I focus more on Him, my heart will be contented and I shall not want no longer.. And my Lord will be more than enough for me. ;)